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No Such Thing As Unplanned is creating a community of adoptees that support each other as they find healing and live out their purpose and plans in their lives. 

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Hello everyone! My name is Annie Fitzgerald, President, and Founder of NSTU. Throughout my childhood and early teen years, I struggled with feeling like there was a plan and purpose in my life as I realized I was “unplanned.” After a lot of reflection, I realized that in God’s eyes there is no such thing as unplanned and that God made me for a purpose. I began to share my story and found many adoptees related to it, and others were inspired. That’s why I wanted to make a platform to reach out to more adoptees and extend my hand through providing resources to those struggling and build up a community of adoptees to show that no adoptee is ever alone. 


For Adoptees, By Adoptees

Our Support Calls are made to create community, share our stories, and help each other talk through and navigate the struggles of being adopted. 

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