Meet Our Founder
Annie Fitzgerald

Annie Fitzgerald was adopted from Russia when she was six months old. She grew up in Peoria, IL with her parents. She currently attends Benedictine College in Atchison, KS where she is studying theology and political science. 


Growing up, she realized that she was an unplanned pregnancy, and therefore she wondered if there was even a plan in her life from God. After years of reflection and healing, she realized that in God’s eyes, there is no such thing as unplanned. She began to realize that although her biological parents didn’t plan her, God did, and there was still a purpose and plan for her life. 


During her senior year of high school, Annie felt called to share her story of adoption. She found that it inspired many other people and was healing for herself. She continued to share her story through public speaking and writing. Throughout her freshman year of college, she began to connect with other adoptees and those affected by adoption and found that many adoptees share the same joys and struggles. 


After praying and speaking to other adoptees she knew, Annie decided to found No Such Thing As Unplanned. She decided to start a non-profit for adoptees that demonstrates that every single life has a purpose and a plan regardless of how they were conceived or the circumstances in their lives. Annie wanted a place where any adoptee from any background could go to find a community of other adoptees going through similar struggles and give adoptees the resources they need to get professional help.  

Annie hopes that through starting No Such Thing As Unplanned she can help other adoptees realize their potential and purpose in life and to live that. She hopes that it can reach as many adoptees as possible and that she can keep expanding NSTU.