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Miracles, Don't Just Happen By Chance

Until right now, I have almost only told my closest friends that I am adopted, unless the subject is relevant when I am with others. I am proud of the fact, but it’s also just something that is personal to me, and since I look just like the rest of my family, no one would ever guess. The questions and comments I have often received have never been hurtful but have shown me that many people only know about adoption through stereotypes and the most well-known kinds of adoption. “You don’t look like you’re adopted.” “Where’s your real mom and dad?” “Were you in an orphanage?” “What country are you adopted from?” “Do you ever want to meet your real mom and dad?” In response, I state that my parents, who God chose to raise me, are my real parents, and I tell them a very brief overview of my story.

When my mom and dad got married and were living in Illinois, where they still are, my parents found out that they weren’t able to conceive. Right away, they began seeking out ways to find a baby to adopt. My birth mother was born and raised in California and had a baby boy in high school whom she gave up for adoption with the support of her family and boyfriend. About 5 years later, she was living in the Midwest and became pregnant with me. She knew that her boyfriend at that time would not support her pregnancy, and somehow, she hid her pregnancy from her boyfriend and family. I have no doubt that some doctors encouraged her to have an abortion. She was very young, unsupported, and far from her family. If she had believed the lies that abortion would solve her situation, I would not be here today.

Certainly, I know it was no coincidence that my parents heard about my birth mother and met her in the hospital on the day I was born in the same state where they live. They named me, Nicole, and have raised me with love and strong faith. Everything about me and my life is proof that God has had everything in my life perfectly planned from the moment of my conception. All my parents and my birth mother did was wait and trust, and God led them right to each other. He had great plans for me from the moment that I was conceived, and He has great plans for every single other person in the world, but sadly, the lies of abortion that are so ruthlessly being promoted are destroying God’s plans for the lives of millions of others just like me.

For most of my life, I have always just thought of my adoption as an interesting fact and I didn’t want to let it be a part of my identity or think about it too much. My adoptive family is all I have ever known and there are no physical or cultural differences that I have had to navigate. However, I have realized that I can use my story to inspire others to defend the sanctity of life. I see myself in all those little babies whose lives are in danger, and I want to do anything I can to stand up for them.

As the beautiful song by Matthew West goes, “I don’t believe in accidents. Miracles, don’t just happen by chance. As long as my God holds the world in His hands, I know that there’s no such thing as unplanned.”


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